Technology for everyone

Technology holds great promise to make life better for everyone and especially the elderly, enabling to retain their independence and live full lives for longer. 

For many years now I have been involved in the world of computers, programming and design. Throughout my years, I have always endeavored to teach my older family members in a friendly manner and expose them to the technological means that the innovative world presents us.

The curiosity about the technology and the knowledge I accumulated, together with my desire to share it with the adult population, led me to establish a professional business activity on the subject.

Today I am involved in counseling  for the elderly in everything related to the operation of a computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.

In private or small groups, I will teach and help you integrate into the technological world.

I will provide you with tools that will allow you to view your loved ones in real time, pay your bills online, monitoring your health online, order groceries online and much more...

Daily computer / mobile usage
  • How to use a mobile phone and computer

  • Email, Whatsapp, SMS

  • Social networks (Fabebook, Twitter, Instagram)

  • Read news online

  • Google, Chrome and Windows

  • Online banking system and payments

  • Health Tracking Online

  • Online Games 

  • Office (Word, Outlook, Powerpoint)

  • And more

Shopping, Culture and Entertainment
  • Download and learn useful applications

  • Buy tickets for movies, shows and attractions

  • Online Groceries

  • Online shopping (Amazon, Ebay..)

  • Advice on buying a computer or printer

  • Advice on buying a mobile phone or tablet

  • Download music, movies, books

  • And more

 - Private computer and smartphone  for beginners and advanced - 

 - English, Hebrew, French - 

 - At your home or ZOOM - 


"Emanuelle has tought me everything I didnt understand with original methods, along with great energy and enthusiasm.
Every time I needed help, she taught me with a lot of patience. "

Ludovic, 72, Business men

"Emanuelle has a professional touch that you do not find very often - she is professional, courteous, patient and always there to help."

Suzanne, 78, Pilatis teacher